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Flax is a plant that has been used by Māori for centuries. It's strength made it valuable for clothing, mats, ropes, fishing nets - and more! It is also commonly used for shelter by native birds such as the Tūī
Known as the "New Zealand Christmas Tree, the Pohutukawa is a tree rich in history in Aotearoa.
Kawakawa is a plant with strong tradition in rongoā Māori (Māori medicine). Used to soothe the digestive system, treat skin ailments, toothaches, and more!
Pouwhenua are carved wooden posts used within Te Ao Māori. Pou are used to mark territory amongst iwi, and to indicate areas of significance.
Many caves within Aotearoa are homes to treasured artwork and carvings – taonga as we call it. The Titan Tiki Cave holds taonga of its own.
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